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This is a simple python package written to remotely control a toy car. It was developed on and written for the Raspbery Pi.

Starting the Server

>> from robot_brain.servers.car_server import CarServer
>> server = CarServer()

Stopping the Server

>> server.stop()

More Information

The server listens on the port specified when it is instantiated (default 2012). Data streaming into the server should be of the form: ":x,y,x" where x, y and z are the values read in from an accelerometer.

The DC motor and servo motor pins are also specified at server instantiation (default (24, 25) and 0 respectively)

To start a server that listens on port 2000 with a servo connected to pin 1 and a DC motor connected to pins 18 and 24:

>> server = CarServer(motor_pins=(18, 24), servo_pin=1, port=2000)

See Also

The client side Android software that communicates with this server: