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import numpy as np
from traits.api import HasStrictTraits, Instance, List, Array
from chaco.api import Plot, ArrayPlotData
from enable.base_tool import BaseTool
class SelectionPlot(HasStrictTraits):
image = Array()
plot = Instance(Plot)
def _plot_default(self):
# Create a plot data obect and give it this data
pd = ArrayPlotData()
pd.set_data("imagedata", self.image)
# Create the plot
plot = Plot(pd)
img_plot = plot.img_plot("imagedata")
# Tweak some of the plot properties
plot.padding = 0
# Attach some tools to the plot
return plot
class ClickTool(BaseTool):
vertices = List()
def normal_left_down(self, event):
self.vertices.append(self.component.map_data((event.x, event.y)))
print self.vertices[-1]'vertices.npy', np.array(self.vertices))
import enaml
from enaml.qt.qt_application import QtApplication
def main():
import sys
from scipy.ndimage import imread
with enaml.imports():
from selection_plot_view import Main
app = QtApplication()
img_array = imread(sys.argv[1], flatten=True)
selection_plot = SelectionPlot(image=np.flipud(img_array))
view = Main(plot=selection_plot.plot)
# Start the application event loop
if __name__ == "__main__":