An implementation of Avro for Rust.
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Avro for Rust

An implementation of Avro for Rust.

avro = { git = "" }



My motivation for this project is decoding binary log messages sent from a C application. Rather than invent a new format, I started a general Avro library. Therefore, there isn't yet support for reading JSON protocol (.avpr) files or encoding Avro data. Features:

  • Partial IDL protocol file (.avdl) parsing (notably lacking is messages or reference types)
  • Partial decoding support (lacking reference types, like the IDL file parsing)

I'd like to see support for more Avro features in the future.

Compatibility tests

This library has some tests that it is compatible with the Java Avro implementation (which I think is the reference implementation). The tests require that Java is installed. For this reason, they are disabled by default; running cargo test will not run them. To run them, you must run cargo test --feature java-compat. The first time one of the tests is run, it will download the compiled Java implementation of Avro.