Maven plugin to generate an eclipse help files from existing html documentation.
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Maven plugin to generate an eclipse help toc.xml file from existing html files.


This is a maven plugin that takes as input an ordered list of HTML pages and that generate a table of content file (toc.xml file) for these pages. With this xml file, it is possible to publish the HTML pages as guide in an Eclipse Help Center.

The approach was originally described here: Generating Eclipse Help from existing HTML Documentation

It is based on the mylyn-wikitext project and very similar to the wikitext-to-eclipse-help task provided by the project. The only difference here is that there is no markup to HTML conversion during the process.

If you think that geneclipsetoc should be contributed to the mylyn-wikitext project, please give your opinion on Bug 478466.


Check out the examples.


As for any maven plugin, the source code of the plugin is available in the src folder.

With Eclipse IDE, here is how you can import this project:

  • Clone or add this repository using the "Git Repositories" view.

  • Start the "Import Projects…​" wizard on the "Working Directory" folder and pick the option "Import as general project".

  • Back in the Package Explorer view, select "Configure" > "Convert to Maven Project" on the project.


Run maven install on the root pom file:

mvn install

Get in touch

Use the geneclipsetoc issue tracker on GitHub.