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NES Examples in C

These examples are from Shiru's NES programming tutorial.


By default the cc65 toolset (required to build) is included as a submodule, so please clone recursively and build it first to prepare your repository:

git submodule update --init --recursive
cd cc65
make -j8

With the cc65 submodule present you should be able to build as any of the following:

# build .nes rom files for all examples
# build and run a specific .nes file in the default emulator
make example1

The original readme follows.

This is a set of very simple examples of programming NES software in C using cc65 compiler and my low level code library. To get more information you can check out my article on this topic:

How to compile: download cc65 from, unpack into a directory, unpack this folder into that directory (where /bin/ etc is located), run compile_all.bat


  1. outputs some text
  2. moving balls using sprites
  3. pad polling and nametable updating when rendering is enabled
  4. metasprites, two pads polling, collision detection
  5. unpacking a RLE-packed nametable created with NES Screen Tool into the VRAM
  6. Controlling brightness of sprites and background.
  7. Left/Right horizontal scrolling and screen splits.
  8. Music/Sound effects.
  9. Simple vertical scrolling a randomly generated background.
  10. Vertical scrolling a level with simple collision detection.
  11. Vertical scrolling a level with bouncing sprites superimposed.


Shiru's NES programming examples (with Makefiles for macOS)






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