Customizations and templates for Xcode 3.x. (sadly outdated)
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File Templates
Project Templates/Cocoa


Note: These templates are not compatible with Xcode 4.x.

About The Templates

These templates were derived from the default ones supplied with Xcode, with a few changes to suit my personal taste:


  • All of the source files are contained in a src subdirectory.
  • All of the resource files (nibs, localizations, Info.plist, etc.) are contained in a rsrc subdirectory.
  • The prefix header includes <iso646.h>, which provides C++-style human-readable operators. (I've come to like these a lot.)
  • The name of the project is not included in the Prefix.h or Info.plist filenames.


  • The boilerplate file comments have been removed. (That means you, __MyCompanyName__).
  • Code is formatted in what is apparently known as the "One True Brace Style", according to Wikipedia.


To use the file and project templates, symlink the directories into:

~/Library/Application\ Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/