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Works well on PHP with any web servers. Try Simplex Demo.

How to install

Just put index.php in your sharing folder.
$ cd directory_you_wanna_share/

# clone Simplex git to your sharing directory
$ git clone

# move index.php to the parent directory
$ cd Simplex/
$ mv index.php ../
$ cd ../

# remove Simplex git from your sharing directory
$ rm -rf .htaccess
$ rm -rf Simplex

Demo Site



	This is free software and it's distributed under GNU/GPL Licence.

	Encode Explorer is written in the hopes that it can be useful to people,
	and Simplex is following it respectfully.
	It has NO WARRANTY and when you use it, the author is not responsible
	for how it works (or doesn't).

	Faenza Icons (
	are used which is distributed under the GNU/GPL License.