My favorite questions to ask when I am being interviewed
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My favorite questions to ask when I am being interviewed

Can you walk me through your development process, from a ticket or task to code on production?

What checks and balances are in place to make sure people don't make big mistakes or repeat mistakes

What is your build process like?

Technical capabilities aside, what soft skills would make someone successful in this role?

How does this team plan projects and create deadline estimates?

Are there times of the month, quarter, or year when the team is most busy?

What accomplishment are you most proud of since joining the company?

What is the median age that an issue will be open for?

What size is the team?

How many total development teams?

Tell me a little bit about your team onboarding process.

How is employee performance evaluated?

What sort of growth is available for senior engineers?

What tools do you use for remote collaboration?

How do they work together and ensure good communication and collaboration?

What does your stack look like? What languages/tools/etc. do you use?

Is there a budget for employee education/training/development/etc.?

Is there support for conference attendance?

What's the frustrating thing about working at [company]?

What's the biggest problem facing this department/company?

How flexible are work hours?

Would I need to be on call? How often? What is the SLA? How often do people tend to be paged? How often is it a real emergency?

Can you tell me about what I can expect from the interview process?

How does your company support the growth of junior engineers?

How many hours do people work in an average week? In your busiest weeks?

How often are there emergencies or times when people have to work extra hours?

How much vacation do people get? Sick leave? Are they combined or separate?

Do people check in when they’re on vacation? How often?

How does engineering work get assigned?

How are technical decisions made and communicated?

Do you have style guides?

How are disagreements solved - both technical disagreements and other kinds?

What happens when personalities clash?

How often do you pair?

Do you have a QA team?

When something goes wrong, how do you handle it? Do devs get shamed for breaking the build?

What’s your approach to technical debt?

Describe your deployment process – how do you find bugs in your team’s code?

Who is responsible for doing deployment? How often do you deploy?

Is there a written roadmap all developers can see? How far into the future does it extend? How closely is it followed?

How often do you have meetings? Are there any scheduled/standing meetings?