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% COLORCELLSA.m - Color cells.
% This code will color a certain cell or a vector of cells given its state.
% You can do with this code whatever you want. The main purpose is help
% people learning about this. Also, there is no warranty of any kind.
% Juan Miguel Valverde Martinez
% @param episode: state or vector of states that will be colored
function colorCellsA( episode )
% I can avoid painting the same area removing repeated states
episode = unique(episode);
totalTimes = length(episode);
for i=1:totalTimes
% Obtaining coordinates to be painted
[x,y] = state2cells(episode(i));
cell_h = annotation('rectangle');
set(cell_h, 'units', 'pixels', 'position', [13+50*(y-1),21+50*(6-x),48,48],...
'color', [1 0 0], 'facecolor', 'red', 'tag', 'tmpcell');