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% PICKACTION.m - Pick an action given the current state.
% This function will return an action decided to be taken.
% You can do with this code whatever you want. The main purpose is help
% people learning about this. Also, there is no warranty of any kind.
% Juan Miguel Valverde Martinez
% @param currentState: current state from which actions will be explored
% and chosen.
% @param hMdt: horizontal maze walls, part of the maze's configuration.
% @param hMlr: vertical maze walls, part of the maze's configuration.
% @param Q: matrix containing Q values.
% @param eps: epsilon value, how likely it is to choose a random option.
% @return selectedAction: action (and its corresponding Q value) that has
% been selected.
% @return QValue: qvalue
function [ selectedAction QValue ] = pickAction( currentState, hMdt, hMlr, Q, eps )
% targetStates = [s' a S(s',a)]
% How likely is to choose a random action
[row,column] = state2cells(currentState);
hMdt = flipud(hMdt);
hMlr = flipud(hMlr);
actions = [];
% Check 4 sides
% Up
if row>1
r = row-1;
c = column;
if ~hMdt(r,c)
actions = [actions; 1 Q(currentState,1)];
% Down
if row<6
r = row;
c = column;
if ~hMdt(r,c)
actions = [actions; 3 Q(currentState,3)];
% Left
if column>1
r = row;
c = column-1;
if ~hMlr(r,c)
actions = [actions; 4 Q(currentState,4)];
% Right
if column<6
r = row;
c = column;
if ~hMlr(r,c)
actions = [actions; 2 Q(currentState,2)];
% Sorted by S(s,a)
actions = flipud(sortrows(actions,2));
% This will calculate how many best options I have
totalBest = length(find(actions(:,2)==max(actions(:,2))));
%fprintf('totalBest: %i\n',totalBest);
if rand > eps % I will usually use the best state
% Choose a random state among the best options
randomIndex = randi([1 totalBest],1,1);
else % Ocasionally, I will choose a random non-optimal state
% I need to take care about the size of the matrix
if size(actions,1)==1
initIndex = 1;
initIndex = 2;
randomIndex = randi([initIndex size(actions,1)],1,1);
selectedAction = actions(randomIndex,1);
QValue = actions(randomIndex,2);