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Spring Cloud Kubernetes Config

Minimal setup to demonstrate using the Spring Cloud Kubernetes Config dependency to facilitate external configuration from Kubernetes ConfigMap or Secret api objects.


First, ensure you have Minikube or a Kubernetes cluster available to test with and you are familiar with accessing applications via an exposed node port within Kubernetes. Refer to the official documentation on configuring a pod with cofigmaps for additional information including how to set up minikube or use an alternative.

Also ensure you have Maven and Java 8 installed. Some tweaks to dependencies may be required for Java 9+ since java.xml.bind was removed in later versions of Java.


We will be utilizing minikube, and minikube's build environment to facilitate this demo, however it's possible to use the latest version of the demo app from my docker hub. In your terminal run eval $(minikube docker-env) to configure your current session to use minikube's docker engine to build and store images. This is required if you intend to use local images only. Otherwise, the PullPolicy in the kubernetes deployment can be changed to Always and an image from a remote docker repository can be used.

Maven is configured to build the docker image using the packaged jar by running:

./mvnw clean compile package dockerfile:build

Deploy to (Mini)Kubernetes

To deploy, ensure you kubectl configured, and simply run kubectl apply -f deployments/. This will apply all of the manifest files in the directory:

  • service account for the container
  • role defining kubenertes API access levels
  • role binding to attache the role to the service account
  • deployment defining a template for the pod(s) to be created utilizing the image we've built
  • service to expose our app as a NodePort in our Kuberentes Cluster
  • configmap for our application which includes an override for the default value provided in our spring boot application.yml


Verify that our app is actually using the configuration from our configmap, fetch the logs of our pod as a one liner:

kubectl logs "$(kubectl get pods | grep demo-deployment | awk '{print $1}')"

Now verify that our endpoint is accessible and returns our config value:

curl "$(minikube service demo --url)"
# expected output:
# Configuration from Kubernetes!
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