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Measurer-4000 Logo

Measurer-4000 is a tool designed to get your Xamarin application's metrics and calculate its perfomance in sharing code and UI between platforms.



Clone this repository and open the solution in build/Measurer4000.sln with Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio and press F5.


Execute the application and open solution's file, Measurer-4000 will train some lions and print your application's stats.

Usage console application

If you want use command application you need run with a dotnet command like that:

dotnet Measurer4000.dll -json -complete SolutionPath.sln


If you find this tool useful consider sharing your applications stats with the community filling this form you can also do it clicking on the sharing label() this will autofill your application stats. Don't worry about, you can share this stats anonymously.

If you're interested in the perfomance in sharing of other applications, you can take a look at the stats here.