Automates the creation and management of chroot-based sandboxes
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sandboxctl is a tool to interact with chroot-based sandboxes.

The sandboxctl tool provides an automated mechanism to create and
interact with chroot-based sandboxes.  These sandboxes can be transient
(e.g. to run a single command within them) or long-lived (e.g. to run a
system service in a safe manner).

Sandboxes can be created using multiple mechanisms, which range from
extracting fresh distribution sets to bind-mounting the outer file
systems inside the sandbox.  The specific mechanism depends on the
features supported by the underlying operating system and the chosen
sandbox type.  Currently, sandboxctl includes support for FreeBSD,
Linux, macOS (Darwin), and NetBSD.

Each sandbox is defined via a configuration file provided by the user
and a system-specific template provided by this package.  The user
configuration is simple and semantically-rich, allowing the system
administrator to not worry about the environment-specific details.

This is not an official Google product.

For further information on the contents of this distribution file,
please refer to the following other documents:

* AUTHORS: List of authors and contributors to this project.
* COPYING: License information.
* INSTALL: Compilation and installation instructions.
* NEWS: List of major changes between formal releases.

For general project information, please visit:

Once installed, please open the sandboxctl(8) and sandboxctl.conf(5)
manual pages for usage and configuration information.