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Go Continuous Delivery Health Check plugin

Go Continuous Delivery task for awaiting until your application is healthy

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Download the plugin and copy it into $GO_SERVER_HOME/plugins/external and restart the Go server.

The plugin should appear on Plugins page.


Add Health Check task to your build stage. The task with delay the execution of your pipeline according to the configured setting in the same time performing fixed delay HTTP request to the provided health url.

The application health information is expected to be returned in a form of JSON with configurable expected status.

Health Check task



The url to the application health information. (required)

Example: http://localhost:8080/health


The name of attribute indicating the application status. (required)

Example: status

Will match fallowing response:

{"status": "UP"}

You can use dot-object notation to navigate over response JSON.

Example: health.status

    "health": {
        "status": "green"

Expected status

The expected application health status. (required)

Example: UP


Time in seconds after a retry check will be performed after unsuccessful request. (required)

Example: 15


Maximum number of seconds to wait for the application to become healthy. (required)

Example: 60


Apache 2.0