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Open source project I contributed in 2003

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Project: Quake2 Delphi conversion
File: readme.txt
Author: Juha Hartikainen (


This is Delphi conversion of Quake2 sourcecode.


Main project site:

Developement site:

This project is dedicated to loving memory
of Jan Horn. Jan started the Quake2 to
Delphi conversion, and put up excellent
site (sulaco) for maintaining the project.

Core Developement Team:
Juha Hartikainen
Steve "Sly" Williams
Alexey "Clootie" Barkovoy
Michael "Code Fusion" Skovslund
Scott Price
Carl Kenner
Leonel "burnin" Togniolli

Web site administration:
Maarten "McClaw" Kronberger (sulaco)
Juha Hartikainen (sourceforge)

Ben Watt
Massimo Soricetti
Yuisi Kyo
Skaljac Bojan
Lavergne Thomas
Jan Horn
Jose M. Navarro
Richard Smith
Fabrizio Rossini
Lars Middendorf
John Clements
Slavisa Milojkovic
Maxime Delorme
Amresh Ramachandran
Dia Ragab
Leonte Ionut
Neil White
Dominique Louis
George Melekos
Skybuck Flying
Igor Karpov
Adam Kurek
David Caouette
Matheus Degiovani
Samuel Simon
Christian Bendl
Bob Janova
Marcus Knight
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