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MediaWiki Extension SimpleMathJax
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The SimpleMathJax extension enables MathJax, a Javascript library, for typesetting TeX formula in MediaWiki inside math environments.


  • git clone in extensions directory
  • Using CDN is recommended. Because it's much faster than using local resources in most cases. ("the benefits of using a CDN")
$ git clone
  • (Optional) If you want to use not CDN but local mathjax scripts, you can use git clone recursive.
$ git clone --recursive
  • LocalSetting.php
wfLoadExtension( 'SimpleMathJax' );

Optional Settings

Setting name Default value Description
$wgSmjSize 110 font size
$wgSmjUseCDN true use CDN or local scripts
$wgSmjUseChem true enable chem tag
$wgSmjInlineMath [] add some additional inlineMath symbols pairs
$wgSmjShowMathMenu false enable MathJax context menu

If you want to change font size, set $wgSmjSize.

wfLoadExtension( 'SimpleMathJax' );
$wgSmjSize = 150;

If you want to use local module, set $wgSmjUseCDN.

wfLoadExtension( 'SimpleMathJax' );
$wgSmjUseCDN = false;

If you want to enable some additional inlineMath symbol pairs, set $wgSmjInlineMath.

wfLoadExtension( 'SimpleMathJax' );
$wgSmjInlineMath = [["$","$"],["\\(","\\)"]];

If you want to enable MathJax context menu, set $wgSmjShowMathMenu.

wfLoadExtension( 'SimpleMathJax' );
$wgSmjShowMathMenu = true;
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