@Mocked: add support for generic interface methods overridden in a sub-interface #231

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interface BaseInterface<T> { void doSomething(T t) throws Exception; }
interface SubInterface extends BaseInterface<String> { /** Extra API documentation. */ @Override void doSomething(String s); }

@Test // currently fails
public void invokeGenericBaseInterfaceMethodThatIsOverriddenInMockedSubInterface(@Mocked final SubInterface mock) throws Exception {
    BaseInterface<String> base = mock;

    new Verifications() {{ mock.doSomething("test"); }};

In this situation, the implementation class (for interfaces that are public or not) has two methods, one having a generic signature and the other not. Probably, the implementation generated for the first one will have to delegate to the second.

@rliesenfeld rliesenfeld self-assigned this Oct 29, 2015
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