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Air traffic control simulator project for my Ruby class. Calculates X, Y coordinates and altitude for incoming flights; regulates descent speed and diversions; and tracks planes in flight with a web interface.


bundle install


Start the webserver:

cd lib/controllers
ruby server.rb

Start the flight simulator:

cd lib
ruby simulator.rb realtime

JSON methods

  • The flight simulator will submit flights at random in the format http://localhost:8080/entry?flight=YY1234. The entry endpoint is also exposed for ad hoc flight submission. The server will respond with JSON indicating your flight was accepted or diverted, based on current air traffic.
  • The server reports tracking info upon request at http://localhost:8080/tracking_info. Include the optional ?timeframe param to specify how many seconds of history you want to see.

Web interface

Browse to http://localhost:8080/ to view the web interface.

Project Description

Build a web service that provides tracking service to subscribers.

  • It contains a properly operating simulator that simulates flights entering SeaTac airspace;
  • It has a method that takes requests for registration of an aircraft entering the airspace, and makes registration records in the application database;
  • It has a method that responds to requests for traffic information, returning data on all registered flights as indicated in the design specification;
  • Its responses should contain data on flight names, coordinates (X, Y as relative to the Final Approach start point), its speed and altitude;
  • It has a Web server that responds to external HTTP GET requests with the specified data, and accepts HTTP GET calls to register aircrafts entering the airspace.

See the docs for further details.