server that implements an email contact form for an otherwise static website
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A simple stand-alone web server which implements a contact form on an otherwise static website.

Contains code from Alex Edward's Form Validation blog post which is licensed under the MIT licence.


If you run contact-form in a directory, it will serve up everything in that directory as a static file in the same way a server like nginx or apache would, defaulting to index.html when a "directory" is accessed.

It also sets up a listener on /contact/, which does a few things:

  • You can POST with email, subject, and message to attempt to send an email. This returns a json message {"success": true} on success and {"success": false, "error": "<an error message"} on failure.

  • If there are validation erorrs on particular fields (eg message length, invalid email address, etc.), then those fields will have an error message in the returned json, eg: {"email": "invalid email address"}.

spam control

By default, contact-form will check incoming messages against the postmark spamcheck API. If you do not want this, or it gets discontinued or changed, you can disable this with the -nospam flag or an environ variable.


You can use the following environment variables to control the way that contact-form behaves and sends email.

CONTACT_PORT        listener http port
CONTACT_NOSPAM      if set, do not check messages for spam
CONTACT_MAILPORT    outgoing mail server port
CONTACT_MAILHOST    outgoing mail server host
CONTACT_MAILUSER    outgoing mail server username
CONTACT_MAILPASS    outgoing mail server passsword
CONTACT_DESTEMAIL   destination email address for messages