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@@ -23,15 +23,15 @@ Django 1.2.x fork, use the following steps:
Take a look at the patch:
- git apply --stat /path/to/slow/log/repo/patches/add_query_count_to_django_1.patch
+ git apply --stat /path/to/slow/log/repo/patches/add_query_count_to_django_1.x_core.patch
Test the patch before applying it:
- git apply --check /path/to/slow/log/repo/patches/add_query_count_to_django_1.patch
+ git apply --check /path/to/slow/log/repo/patches/add_query_count_to_django_1.x_core.patch
Apply the patch if there aren't errors:
- git am --signoff < /path/to/slow/log/repo/patches/add_query_count_to_django_1.patch
+ git am --signoff < /path/to/slow/log/repo/patches/add_query_count_to_django_1.x_core.patch
If this patch is not applied, the queries field will be null unless django
is running in DEBUG = True.

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