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Iris is a photo management application with the aim of collecting metadata about your photos. It aims to be a tool that both excels at batch operations and liberates your photo metadata to make querying things easier. It is meant to work side-by-side with traditional desktop photo managers like F-Spot or Picasa, but the goal is to be able to answer questions that these types of managers find difficult, like "How many photos of my girlfriend did I take in Paris?", or "Sync > 4.5 star photos tagged 'italy' to my flickr."


Unfortunately, iris requires software that is not straightforward to install:

iris might work on older versions of mongodb (and with older versions of the client library pymongo), but was developed using the versions listed. iris also requires these python modules, installable via pip and usually pulled in automatically during a pip install of iris:


Everything below is lies:

iris tag *.jpg
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