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This project grew out of a few hacks I was playing around with so it's a bit… well… hacky. I'd like to add and change a bunch of things in it but until then, I'll just note down what I'd like to add in here.

To work on this project: just fork it on Github, add your changes, and send me a pull request.


  • Tests, using Test::Unit

  • Better documentation for the scripts

  • Better documentation for the classes (yardoc)

  • Ruby 1.9 support (not clue if it works)

  • Ruby gem, with the bin/ scripts added to the system path

  • Changing the bin/ scripts to use trollop for the arg parsing

  • Better naming for the bin/ scripts

  • Refactoring of some of the duplication in the lib/ classes

  • A local web server where you can browse your notes from a browser

  • Handle some edge cases with the kindle notes file, esp the dates

  • Kindle 3 support. It might work but I only have a Kindle 2 currently