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This is hosted on heroku.
I followed the steps here
I setup my heroku using these steps
what next? maybe move personalized info into a yaml file so the image info, twitter, github, and linked in are pulled from yaml and I use erb to parse. Right now sinatra is a bit overkill since there is no data processing.
Done with the personalizing...
modify config with your values
name : Joshua Montross
twitter : jdmontross
linkedin : joshuamontross
github : jmontross
email :
working_with_rails : nil
personal_image : /images/josh_up_redwoods.jpg
personal_site :
job_title: Ruby on Rails Engineer
hire_availability : unavailable
Added in some generation of the resume as a pdf. Perhaps need to look into moving these to a views folder as there are now two views. Also need separate style sheet for PDF. It doesn't look as good.
This was super helpful -
The pdf function only works on Heroku :(
Need to make this more useful for others