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Let's start from the beginning and go way back to the early days of web development and server programming, followed by adding a little modern touch to the effort.

  1. Create a web server from scratch. It should be able to listen on port 80 and serve up basic items such as images, JS, and CSS files.

  2. Next, implement support for a basic RESTful API service on your newly-built web server. Ideally, one should be able to specify a YAML file with the desired REST endpoints (including specifc HTTP VERBs) that one can take on an endpoint.

  3. Make your newly created REST web server do something interesting :)

  4. Be sure to document your code cleanly, and list out why you have chosen to make certain "optimizations" using Ruby-specific techniques.

  5. You may use whatever resources you want, but do not spend more than 2 hours on this exercise.


note - uses rvm with 1.9.2 and a gemset called rweb - this is because I wanted no gems on the system for it to work :)

To run - sudo ruby app.rb