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module Microc.Toplevel where
import LLVM.AST
import Data.String.Conversions
import Data.Text ( Text )
import qualified LLVM.Module as LLVM
import LLVM.Context
import LLVM.Analysis
import System.Directory
import System.Process
import System.Posix.Temp
import Control.Exception
-- | Generate an executable at the given filepath from an llvm module
compile :: Module -> FilePath -> IO ()
compile llvmModule outfile =
bracket (mkdtemp "build") removePathForcibly $ \buildDir ->
withCurrentDirectory buildDir $ do
let llvm = "output.ll"
runtime = "../src/runtime.c"
-- write the llvmModule to a file
withContext $ \ctx -> LLVM.withModuleFromAST
(\modl -> verify modl >> LLVM.writeBitcodeToFile (LLVM.File llvm) modl)
-- link the runtime with the assembly
["-Wno-override-module", "-lm", llvm, runtime, "-o", "../" <> outfile]
-- | Compile and llvm module and read the results of executing it
run :: Module -> IO Text
run llvmModule = do
compile llvmModule "./a.out"
result <- cs <$> readProcess "./a.out" [] []
removePathForcibly "./a.out"
return result