Multi-Monitor OSX Desktop Image Changer
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# What is m2odic?

Multi-Monitor OSX Desktop Image Changer.  It's verbose, but descriptive

# How do I use it?

Easy answer?  Drop it into a directory full of images you want to use as backgrounds, and run it.

# What are the requirements?

* OSX ( I mean, do I even have to say that? )
* Ruby
* RubyGems
* plist gem
* rubyosa gem

# I get a weird "Bus" error?

Yeah.  I bet you're using rubyosa 0.4.0?  It's broken.

Make sure you have the libxml-ruby gem installed, version  You can have others, that one just has to be present.

Fire up a text edit and open "/Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/rubyosa-0.4.0/lib/rbosa.rb".

Replace the line

  require 'xml/libxml'


  gem 'xml/libxml', '='
and you _should_ be fine.

# Can I have the images be mirrored?

Yes.  Instructions to come soon.  Honest.