Rake tasks to migrate a Rails DB from MySQL to PostgreSQL via YAML
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= rails-db-migrate

This is just a set of rake tasks to migrate (or backup and restore) a DB vai YAML files.

This version came from http://ducktyped.com/2007/6/12/how-to-change-databases-using-ruby-on-rails initially.

= Changes

* Be nicer on RAM and the DB.  Don't fetch all records at once.  If the table has an id field, fetch 1000 at a time.  If not, fall back to just fetching all of the (for m2m xref tables).

* Removed dependency on Dr. Nic's Magic Models

= Credits

Initial version: http://blog.leetsoft.com/2006/5/29/easy-migration-between-databases
set_sequences added: http://ducktyped.com/2007/6/12/how-to-change-databases-using-ruby-on-rails