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TIL: Last observation carried forward (LOCF) using fill()

This project is based on the blog post "TIL: Last observation carried forward (LOCF) using fill()".

You are encouraged to use this repo to work on your Github and/or data wrangling skills. There is nothing here that can be made in any way unusable.

Suggestions for future work

  • update this README
  • approach this problem a different way
  • help tidy up the code
  • do your own full-blown analysis

If you are new to Github, check out happygitwithr for helpful information.

Files & folders

  • til_locf_blogpost.Rproj - import code
  • data folder - contains .csv data files
  • R folder
    • 01_import.R - loads libraries & data files
    • 02_wrangle.R - view loaded data files (feel free to add more!)