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Database construction and other files associated with early modern Bills of Mortality project (codename: "Death By Numbers").
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Database construction and other files associated with my early modern Bills of Mortality project (temporary codename: "Death By Numbers").

current files

  • 2017DHSIslideshow.pptx - parish-by-parish plague mortality in the first 14 weekly bills of 1666, made in the 2017 DHSI GIS class
  • 2017DHposter.pdf - project poster, presented at DH 2017 in Montreal
  • 2017-12_DHFacultyResearchGroupslideshow.pdf - slideshow of presentation given at Pittsburgh DH Faculty Research Group
  • 2018RSAslideshow.pptx - slideshow of presentation give at Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, 3-22-2018

files TBA

  • list of known-to-be-extant Bills of Mortality
  • transcriptions of Bills of Mortality accessed by PI
  • parishes over time (and associated GIS shapefiles, network structures, when possible)
  • database structure, files, and code for constructing the Bills of Mortality database

project personnel

PI: Jessica Otis Advisors: Dan J. Evans Interns: Paige Kuester

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