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Track and analyze the spread of COVID-19 in the Pennsylvania prison system.

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Pennsylvania State Correctional Institutions & COVID-19 Data Archive

The primary goal of this project is to archive daily information relating to Pennsylvania State Correctional Institutions (SCI) and the spread of COVID-19 within them. The data available in this repository are publicly accessible through the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections., and are summarized by the PA DOC Covid-19 Dashboard. Incarcerated persons testing, positive cases, and more can be seen in this dashboard, however viewers are limited to daily snapshots of the SCI system, and cannot compare daily cases or other statistics necessary for understanding Covid-19 trends. No data can be downloaded through the DOC dashboard, further obfuscating Covid-19 related trends and patterns.

We have archived various pieces of data important for tracking and understanding the spread of Covid-19 in Pennsylvania SCI. Our data begins April 6th, the first day the DOC began posting daily population and Covid-19 numbers to their website, and is updated at 6:00pm (EST) daily.

Available data.

  • Latest cummulative population numbers and covid-19 data can be found in data/latest_data

  • Daily population data sheets for all SCI data/Daily_Populations

  • Daily COVID-19 data sheets for all SCI data/DOC_downloads (data/PA_DOC_testing_data for older datasheets collected prior to repo setup)

  • Monthly population PDF (containing capacity information) data/Monthly_Population_PDFs

See our dashboard for descriptive information about the spread of COVID-19 in the PA prison system

This work is conducted in partnership with the Amistad Law Project


Track and analyze the spread of COVID-19 in the Pennsylvania prison system.






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