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Fast and efficient osquery management
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Fast and efficient osquery management.

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What is osctrl?

osctrl is a fast and efficient osquery management solution, implementing its remote API as TLS endpoint.

With osctrl you can monitor all your systems running osquery, distribute its configuration fast, collect all the status and result logs and allow you to run on-demand queries.

Running osctrl with docker

You can use docker to run osctrl and each component has a separate Dockerfile to run independently. Also there is a docker-compose.yml that ties all the components together, to serve a functional deployment.

Inside of the docker folder, execute the command ./ -u to build and run all containers necessary for osctrl.

Ultimately you can just execute make docker_all and it will automagically build and run osctrl locally in docker.

Running osctrl with vagrant

Vagrant machines can be used for osctrl local development. Execute vagrant up to create a local virtual machine running Ubuntu 18.04. Once it has finished deploying, osctrl will be ready to be used and you can access it following the instructions in the terminal.


You can find the documentation of the project in


This project is released under the GPL 3 license.

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