Very gory survival game.
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exploration light experiment

Its inspiration comes from the ancient theory of the miasma – a disease causing gas. It was the prevailing explanation for the spread of sickness before germ theory came around. Within the theory, the miasmata were the disease vector – poisonous particles that would be absorbed into someone and make them sick.

In Miasmata the world has been polluted by a poisonous gas, the miasma. It affects both living beings and the landscape, corrupting them randomly and unexpectedly. The player is one of the last creatures who has been left unchanged, and is forced to confront a world with no constants beyond his or her own mind. Navigating with any degree of surety is impossible, and any pocket of sanity that the player manages to create is quickly eroded by the unconquerable mutating force of the miasma.

The game is designed to play with the conservatism of the average human mind. Very few truly like change, and this contrived situation therefore proves to be extremely disorientating. With time the player learns to manage their interaction with the world. That adaptation to bewildering change is the goal of this game.