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// Based on ring buffer implementation in `HardwareSerial`.
// TODO: Do proper license stuff
#ifndef __PARSED_STREAM_H__
#define __PARSED_STREAM_H__
#define RX_BUFFER_SIZE 64
#include <string.h>
#include "SpiUart.h"
struct ring_buffer {
unsigned char buffer[RX_BUFFER_SIZE];
int head;
int tail;
const static char *MATCH_TOKEN = "*CLOS*";
class ParsedStream {
ring_buffer _rx_buffer;
void getByte();
void storeByte(unsigned char c);
unsigned int bytes_matched;
uint8_t available(bool raw);
int freeSpace();
bool _closed;
SpiUartDevice& _uart;
ParsedStream(SpiUartDevice& theUart);
uint8_t available(void);
int read(void);
bool closed();
void reset();
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