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Project for 2011 7DRL contest

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Project for the 2011 7DRL Contest


execute "bin/Starship-7drl" from the root of this project.


This program requires Ruby 1.9, and the ruby packages ncursesw and backports

To install these packages, use:

gem install ncursesw
gem install backports

ncursesw requires the ncurses header files to build, so you will also need the
ncurses-dev package for your operating system. Depending on where your Ruby
intallation is, the gem commands may need to be run as root, gem will complain
if so.

Some package managers may suffix ruby related commands with a version (eg. gem1.9).
If your system does this, it will be necesary to modify bin/Starship-7drl to use
the correct name for the ruby executable.

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