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awesome-rancher Awesome PRs Welcome

A curated list of awesome Rancher resources inspired by the awesome list.

If you see a link that isn't a good fit, you can fix it by submitting a pull request to help improve the list. Likewise, if you'd like to add or fix something, click the file to edit and submit a pull request. Thank you!

What is Rancher?

Rancher is an open source software platform that enables organizations to run containers in production. With Rancher, organizations no longer have to build a container services platform from scratch using a distinct set of open source technologies. Rancher supplies the entire software stack needed to manage containers in production.


Getting started


Rancher 2.0

Cloud Drivers

Blog posts

Community projects

How to

Rancher 1.0

Blog posts 1.0

Tools 1.0

  • Rancher
  • Rancher CLI - The Rancher Command Line Interface (CLI)is a unified tool to manage your Rancher server
  • Rancher Compose - Docker compose compatible client to deploy to Rancher
  • Rancher catalog - The catalog provides templates created and maintained by Rancher
  • Rancher community catalog - The catalog provides templates created and maintained by the community
  • Convoy - A Docker volume plugin, managing persistent container volumes
  • Cattle - Cattle is the orchestration engine that powers Rancher

Community projects 1.0

  • Rancher client - A Rancher API client for containerized deployments and management
  • Rancher reaper - A Service to automatically delete hosts from Rancher if they have been terminated in AWS
  • Rancher alarms - Send notifications when something goes wrong in rancher
  • Rancher cron - A service that can start containers on a defined schedule
  • Rancher wrangler - Wrangler is a Web Interface to see detailed Information about Rancher Servers
  • ChaosRancher - ChaosRancher periodically kills random services in your Rancher Stack/Cluster.
  • Giddyup - Giddyup is a tool to that helps get services started in a Rancher compose stack
  • Cowpoke - A service to handle configurable Rancher service upgrade patterns
  • Gaucho - A Python CLI tool for Rancher's API
  • Rancher Let's Encrypt - Rancher service that obtains and manages free SSL certificates from the Let's Encrypt CA using DNS & webroot verification
  • Rancher Let's Encrypt - Automatically create and manage certificates in Rancher using Let's Encrypt webroot verification via a minimal service
  • Rancher Vagrant - Extensible and automated local Rancher environments using Vagrant
  • Vagrant Rancher - Vagrant files to create a Rancher server and host environment for local development
  • Rancher status page - Simple status page for Rancher stacks and services
  • Rancher firedrill - Alarm on stopped containers
  • Rancher zsh completion - zsh completion for Rancher CLI
  • Rancher GitLab deployment tool - Painless deployment of projects built with GitLab CI onto your Rancher infrastructure
  • GitLab CI ready image - A GitLab CI ready image to upgrade services in Rancher
  • Rancher SaltStack deployment - Salt states for Rancher container platform deployment
  • Rancher Prometheus - Simple Prometheus Stack Config for Rancher
  • Rancher logs collector - Rancher logs collector
  • Roundup - Query rancher-metadata by label, and return the first, or all of the values
  • Rancher Events - Extract Docker events from Rancher
  • Jenkins Rancher Plugin - Enables Jenkins to deploy or upgrade Rancher stack service instance
  • Faas Rancher - Enable Rancher as a backend for Functions as a Service (OpenFaaS)
  • Cowcheck - A microservice for checking the health of a Rancher node
  • Rancher autobackup - Do backups from rancher stacks into a git repository by using rancher api



Third party

  • SpotInst - Manage AWS and GCE Spot Instances Groups with Rancher Integration for automatic removal of infrastructure

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