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DSML 4 Kidz Reachability Server
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What does this Repo hold?

This repository holds the server that is used to validate the DSML code gerenated by the "DSML 4 Kidz" modelling language. It works by combining a server written in Flask with a reachability analysis tool called dReach. The dReach code is generated in Python and then run on the host machine. The result is then returned in a JSON object to the client.


  1. dReal/dReach 3 Installation for dReal/dReach is pretty self-explanitory. The only hiccup is that gcc-4.9 is not avaliable on the latest LTS Ubnutu. So I just compiled it with the gcc/g++ that comes with Ubuntu 18.04. Installation instructions here

  2. Python 3

    This should come pre-installed on most linux machines. To test if Python 3 is installed run python3 in the terminal. If it is not installed you can download it from the Python Website

  3. Python 3 Virtual Env

    Python 3 does not come preloaded with the virtual environment. To install this on Debian or Debian-derivatives

Running the Server (Development)

  1. Create a virtual env in this folder by running python3 -m venv ./venv
  2. Activate the virtual env by running source ./venv/bin/activate{.bash/.fish/.zsh}
  3. Install the packages by running pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Export the flask environment to tell flask what to run export
  5. Run flask flask run (flask run --reload if you are developing the server)
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