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// AppController.h
// Animated Mandelbrot
// Created by Jon Stacey on 2/7/09.
// Copyright 2009 Jon Stacey. All rights reserved.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
@class ControlsController;
@interface AppController : NSObject
int maxDwell;
int escapeRadius;
int frameRate;
int duration;
// Minimum and maximum defaults
int minMaxDwell;
int maxMaxDwell;
int minEscapeRadius;
int maxEscapeRadius;
int minFrameRate;
int maxFrameRate;
int minDuration;
int maxDuration;
@property(readwrite, assign) int maxDwell;
@property(readwrite, assign) int escapeRadius;
@property(readwrite, assign) int frameRate;
@property(readwrite, assign) int duration;