Render PDF documents without margins given a sequence of images, such as comic strips
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Comic Strip PDF Renderer

Create a PDF of comic strips [or other images] with variable size pages to eliminate white margins

Program takes a folder of images and renders them into a PDF document with pages of variable sizes which eliminates the white border. This is extremely useful with comic strips which typically consist of a sequence of images meant to be viewed in order.


  • Accepts PNG and JPEG image sequences
  • Renders images in PDF document, one image per page, variable size, without margins


  • Homebrew
  • Ruby 2
  • ImageMagic
  • Prawn, RMagic, image_size

Install (OS X)

  • Install OS X Developer CLI Tools
  • Install Homebrew
  • Install Ruby 2
  • Install ImageMagick brew install imagemagick
  • Install gem dependencies gem install prawn image_size rmagick


Usage: comic_strip_pdf_renderer.rb TITLE ROOT_PATH
        TITLE           The name of the comic strip, and the PDF filename to be used when written to disk.
        ROOT_PATH       The directory containing the image sequence to be rendered into PDF.


Copyright (c) 2014 Jon Stacey. All Rights Reserved.

I grant the right of modification and redistribution of this program under the following conditions:

  • All use is for non-commercial purposes [i.e. personal or academic]
  • All redstributions must include this copyright notice and header
  • You must make your source code changes available with your redistribution [especially when redistributed in binary form]


This script is provided "AS-IS" with no warranty or guarantees.