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# Proves [double checks] the validity of prime number
# contained within a specified compressed prime data file.
# Author:: Jon Stacey (
# Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2010 Jon Stacey
# License:: Distributes under the same terms as Ruby
require 'zlib'
require 'lib/primality'
require 'lib/jprime_tools'
file = "/Users/jon/Desktop/0.txt" # The compressed data file to verify
# Read the contents of file
compressed_data =, "r") { |f|
compressed_data =
# Convert string to array
primes =
Zlib::Inflate.inflate(compressed_data).split("\n").each {|p| primes << p.to_i}
# Assert that each number is indeed a prime number
complaints = false
primes.each do |p|
if !
complaints = true
puts "No! #{p} is not a prime!"
puts "All numbers are indeed prime. Life is good :-)" unless complaints