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WP Stream Wrappers is a plugin for WordPress. Documentation is split into three sections depending on what you are looking for:

Here is an outline for each section if you’re just wanting a bird’s eye view of what documentation is available.

Introduction to Stream Wrappers

  1. The problem
  2. The solution
  3. The concept of the stream wrapper
    1. A stream
    2. File paths vs URIs
  4. The WP Stream Wrappers Plugin
  5. How it works with WordPress
  6. Awesome! Where do I go now?

Deployment Documentation

  1. Plugin installation
  2. The WP Local Stream Wrapper
  3. Finding and installing 3rd party stream wrappers
    1. List of 3rd party stream wrappers
  4. Creating custom local stream wrappers is easy

Wrapper Development

  1. Getting started
    1. A little about registries
    2. Example
  2. Creating a stream wrapper plugin
    1. Important action hooks
    2. Wrapper metadata
    3. register_wrapper()

WP Plugin Development

  1. Current state of WordPress stream wrapper support
  2. To-do List
  3. Unit-Testing with WP Automated Tests