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Ins and outs of software, presumed owner of life

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Ins and outs of software, presumed owner of life

Our first repository dealt with our application area. Some focus there was getting familiar with this cloud'd marvel. So, that was two days ago. 'Enuf. We'll switch the motive concerns to here and get that back on track.

See (and to watch progress.

Will be backend'ing via Jekyll for a bit (

After going through some of the steps, I'm reminded of earlier work related to Joomla, Concrete 5, Wordpress, and a few others. So, I just now went back to see. Actually in 2014, started a technology blog with Wordpress.

  1. The original notice to pay up or move: (this March 2012). After poking around and looking at various hosts and their packages, I went with a kludge: On that 'back1' page, those buttons are images cut from the .NET page (ongoing Discussion is at Oh yes, everywhere, SQL being misused; highly flexible pages; I wanted structure so that I could handle centuries (of time, real people) using the same framework - doing the work - not trying to hack pretty improvements.

  2. Year later. After I got converted and did other content work (as well as heavy research), I started to look at alternatives ( All of these required digging deeper than I wanted at the time. That was when I played with codecademy (, enough to refresh myself on CSS ( Mainly, mouse action plus a footer and some layout. BTW, does code matter? Too, is that all that there is? Well, Let's discuss. My answers, yes and no.

  3. More work (papers, applications to Heritage Societies), then Google said, you had to be mobile friendly. Back to the drawing board. What did I see on my sweep? Oodles of time being spent on buttons and other pretty items, as if presentation (titillation) was the proper focus. Oh yes, then, too, the Magna Carta was 800 years old.

  4. Finally, some reorg seen as needed. Several publications. Lots more research and writing work stacking up. The 400th celebrations coming up. We're transitioning for the next century. Besides, several examples of minimal approach came up. This is as opposed to those huge bit buckets of seeming crap that get thrown down. I don't use mobile, but how do they weed through that stuff? No wonder all of the paging and scrolling.

  5. Also, we Incorporated and got IRS approval as a non-profit. So, what busyness stuff to do? Whatever it is, we'll have web presence and support. Hence, this work.

  6. Then, restructuring coming up, again, as we're expanding our scope. How to do this? I have lots of notes and blog posts done, so far. But, I started to talk to youngsters who might be interested. Looked at Trello[dot]com as an organizing means. But, I have done plenty board (black and white) types. Didn't really resonate. All this while, I've seen Kaggle (people bonkers over competition) and GitHub. This latter? Marvelous, especially since the project management stuff has been added to the collaborative schemes.

  7. We have a decade to look back on. This ( plus this (, and its two peers, give us plenty room to manuveur in terms of requirements (beyond where the crowd had gone with the cloud, et al). Plus, the portal is a wonderful vehicle: We'll be API'ing in a new way avoiding pitfalls (no hurry - want to help, pipe up).

  8. ...

Note: 08/16/2019 -- Got GitHub'ing set up with our own format from the PortalToTruth. Will review this for improvement after doing a process review. Notes will be posted at the public page while re-organization goes on.

Note: 09/07/2019 -- 30 day, tomorrow?

Note: 09/19/2019 -- About our concept of infrastructure: This post points to a brief article on the influence of WordPress on the Internet. Againg, content for the project is varied:

Note: 12/19/2019 -- To date, all functions have been front-end in nature. The back-end is Linux with a file structure to support the site. We have a couple of things now that can use b-e support, albeit there will be lots more after that. We will do a file configuration first, then look at some NoSQL alternatives.

Note: 01/04/2020 -- So, the old guy gets it. An extension of peer-to-peer is still there, as a staple. Then, the cloud let the serverless concept get some attention. Except, we're still focused on using a Linux server for several reasons. Then, abstract services became the rage. Ah. Opened up the door to exploitation, too. You know, things have been going downhill with respect to security ever since 'static' went out the window. We need to review that history. Anyway, for the backend processing similar to what Twitter might provide, we are looking at options for development. We might just try Twitter except, then, we're back to the games that we were avoiding. Being 77, there's no an open-ended future; however, watching over the past 15-20 years, historical tidbits just pop out. So, down the pike, will comp sci learn that it has to consider history, to boot?

Note: 01/28/2020 -- Somehow, requirements got lost. What one sees is lots of little errors being ignored. These distract from the user's experience. But, what the hey? The developer is having fun. Another thing seen? Death by a 100 little cuts. As in, with a vehicle, let the drivers handle failings and their aftermaths. And, only step up for a solution when the problem gets big enough for many to notice. Again, what the hey? Who was promised a rose garden (old song)?

Note: 01/31/2020 -- Just recently, I went about a week as a computer system user where I applied what I knew of an existing system in order to get the job done. And, I did. At the same time, the system was not as robust as some declared. This is the usual hype of software. The work was documented in terms of how the content was to be handled. That is, above the floor view. There was little about the technical aspects. One was to try and learn, which I did. However, glitches kept popping up. I did this same thing about four months ago and was impressed. The little glitches then were nuances related to hard stuff anyway (the browser war still goes on). These one can control, however I had to seek technical help. There was none. Essentially, I tracked down someone who could go to the IT world and request something. They fixed the problem; I never heard anything specific. So, this time, different little irritations. Got it done, but, again, the maneuvering around to find someone with authority. So, what's the lesson? Well, we're not there yet, however some of this is due to the dumbing down of people who use the devices and never seem to think twice about what is going. Or, they are of the power set and seem to think that their declarations of want are sufficient to get the little computer to behave. Quite frankly, some of the later glitches seem to be stress related. In fact, the staff seems to show this as they are haggard yet management wants to press on. Silly state of affairs that silly valley has imposed upon us.

Note: 03/04/2020 -- Found out more about the situation. Of course, a cloud'd affair. And, an offhanded approach to a contractor. On an unofficial sampling of reactions, naturally, upper management is pushing like mad even thought the underpinnings need work. Those who have to cope as users are frustrated. Those in the middle are on several sides of the fence including those who want to back off. ... It seems that things roll and carry along those on all sides. At some point, some have to clean up the mess. Finance, by the way, is just like that with its periodic downturns.

Note: 03/17/2020 -- Lots of stuff to catch up on. And, various indications of doing right have come around the corner.

Note: 03/28/2010 -- Mention needs to be made of the Covid-19 shuffling that we see. Meanwhile, spring keeps coming foward.

Note: 05/01/2020 -- 3rd day of the 6th week of a 'lockdown' where we avoided others. The usual bifurcations came to fore, as we expected. So far, spent the time diving into CompSci's theoretical basis as much as I could find it covered. You know, this is about the most operationally focused of all disciplines, more engineering than science. It's time to change that. How? As mentioned elsewhere (to be re-expressed), psychology needs another look.

Note: 05/31/2020 -- Two things, of many, strengthened over the recent two months of constraint. Those two are related to technology and confirm the cloud as there into the future, albeit that the scaled, universal cloud carries to now the story of Babel. Location will come back, again. Which brings up the other; everything is app'd it seems. And, the app'd world is a mobile device's bailiwick, in part. Other devices can play, too. In fact, those who want to have a car entirely tied in thus are on this path. Imagine, no bus, and no local connections. All circles via the 'ether' where very much non-local influences have more reality than anything in the immediate locale. And, yes, we can identify locales and their attributes. So, we have that endless dynamic of the top-down and its authority versus a bottom-up presence (sensing). Lots to discuss. For people, we see the effects of a bifurcation that is huge. Those who touch matter are not respected, yet we do see some recognition of those in the the medical trenches. The lesser realm, such as involves infrastructure? Not yet, but it will come. People have been around for a long time; we're still learning of ourselves. Technology is a real newbie; understanding in this regard will require us to know more about psychology, beyond the approximates of endless fascination that can be attributed to an almost inexhaustible ocean of computational resourcs. However, we, too, know that these are dirty. Getting to that state of knowing will, again, require some shifting. No end to studies will come out of that past 10 weeks.

Note: 06/07/2020 -- Some talk a line of demarcation. See recent ACM Comm article (will recap). I still see the floor as more appropriate given that hierarchy can be seen everywhere. And, one does not have to think that this is a contrivance of humans, necessarily. Well, look at energy levels, for one example. We can use others. In that sense, the last few months have been heavy on the side of those who use all of the magical stuff with no realization of what they might be doing, how they might have future ramifications, who might be watching, etc. Endless list, really, where the normal reaction (even with the brainy) is to get into the mode of head in silicon. Now, so what? To all of this? Oh yes, IMHO, a core issue (or set of issues) that need some attention. Again, truth engineering. But, from an operational view, there are many things to consider. How much technical nuance can be pulled to above the floor? On the other side, how can we characterize that which is above to those far below the floor? As we remind ourselves, again, that the floor can (does) move.

Note: 06/15/2020 -- User-centered? Means what? Methinks, it's diddling with the user; sometimes, it's actually experimenting in a one-way sense, like the infamous glass of the interrogation room. Tsk, guys, gals. Have been doing serious user work for the past few months, even prior to the lockdown, and have lots of data (observations) to add to the decade or so of dabbling across the board. So, psychether will be back on the table, with anyons, and more.

Note: 06/21/2020 -- Post is title, The future, in the blog related to the historic spanse of the U.S. as represented by the flesh-and-blood of families who have endured down through the centuries through thick and thin. The pandemic introduces some uncertainty, albeit, we have seen these things from time to time (who even paid attention to the occurence 100 years ago of the so-called Spanish-Flu?), though we seem to forget. What lessons to learn from this?

Note: 08/10/2020 -- The waterways, say that of the Mississippi, were major barriers for western movement. They still are, in this sense: lose a bridge and notice the local ramifications, especially in cities that are hubs of traffic, plus have a major waterway in their midst.

Note: 09/03/2020 -- A question might arise about the use of a minimal approach on the web where one buys into a wealth of luxurious functions that are seldom used. That is, they're played with when new and go out of sight once some new toy comes along. While, in the background, the underpinnings, are wasteful of material and energy as if these were infinitely scope'd.

Note: 09/05/2020 -- ACM Comm reports work to have cellular entities (extracted from living beings) tied into micro-ciruitry, with the adjoining applied mathematics, such that there can be movement, choice (ala learning), and such. Is that life is the question? Of late, the Ethics of Spinoza seems, to me, to be of interest.

Note: 12/11/2020 -- Stepped back to the math of it, namely for the purpose of the basis for truth engineering where the analog maps back to the differential geometry work related to intelligent design work.

Note: 12/15/2020 -- Sites to watch: and

Note: 12/16/2020 -- And,

Note: 03/28/2021 -- Many avenues explored, spaces searched, and more. Technical is unbounded with the fact of our tenous results requiring some effort that has long been ignored. We will be getting to that. Hardy noted that 'pure' mathematics, at least, was not used in war (or in creating pestulence); from a viewpoint of the philosophy of mathematics, we see 'pure' modes of several types where one of these is pure imagination in action. Guess what? It can bounced against that which is founded upon our computational prowess so as to offer some consolation to the mind.

Note: 11/28/2022 -- Time flew? Who knew? AIn't can't Kant. That's a theme/meme. ... Attitudes are changing, on several fronts.


Ins and outs of software, presumed owner of life






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