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Ins and outs of software, presumed owner of life
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Ins and outs of software, presumed owner of life

Our first repository dealt with our application area. Some focus there was getting familiar with this cloud'd marvel. So, that was two days ago. 'Enuf. We'll switch the motive concerns to here and get that back on track.

See (and to watch progress.

After going through some of the steps, I'm reminded of earlier work related to Joomla, Concrete 5, Wordpress, and a few others. So, I just now went back to see. Actually in 2014, started a technology blog with Wordpress.

  1. The original notice to pay up or move: (this March 2012). After poking around and looking at various hosts and their packages, I went with a kludge: On that 'back1' page, those buttons are images cut from the .NET page (ongoing Discussion is at Oh yes, everywhere, SQL being misused; highly flexible pages; I wanted structure so that I could handle centuries (of time, real people) using the same framework - doing the work - not trying to hack pretty improvements.

  2. Year later. After I got converted and did other content work (as well as heavy research), I started to look at alternatives ( All of these required digging deeper than I wanted at the time. That was when I played with codecademy (, enough to refresh myself on CSS ( Mainly, mouse action plus a footer and some layout. BTW, does code matter? Too, is that all that there is? Well, Let's discuss. My answers, yes and no.

  3. More work (papers, applications to Heritage Societies), then Google said, you had to be mobile friendly. Back to the drawing board. What did I see on my sweep? Oodles of time being spent on buttons and other pretty items, as if presentation (titillation) was the proper focus. Oh yes, then, too, the Magna Carta was 800 years old.

  4. Finally, some reorg seen as needed. Several publications. Lots more research and writing work stacking up. The 400th celebrations coming up. We're transitioning for the next century. Besides, several examples of minimal approach came up. This is as opposed to those huge bit buckets of seeming crap that get thrown down. I don't use mobile, but how do they weed through that stuff? No wonder all of the paging and scrolling.

  5. Also, we Incorporated and got IRS approval as a non-profit. So, what busyness stuff to do? Whatever it is, we'll have web presence and support. Hence, this work.

  6. Then, restructuring coming up, again, as we're expanding our scope. How to do this? I have lots of notes and blog posts done, so far. But, I started to talk to youngsters who might be interested. Looked at Trello[dot]com as an organizing means. But, I have done plenty board (black and white) types. Didn't really resonate. All this while, I've seen Kaggle (people bonkers over competition) and GitHub. This latter? Marvelous, especially since the project management stuff has been added to the collaborative schemes.

  7. ...

Note: 08/16/2019 -- Got GitHub'ing set up with our own format from the PortalToTruth. Will review this for improvement after doing a process review. Notes will be posted at the public page while re-organization goes on.

Note: 09/07/2019 -- 30 day, tomorrow?

Note: 09/19/2019 -- About our concept of infrastructure: This post points to a brief article on the influence of WordPress on the Internet. Againg, content for the project is varied:

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