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Covering 400 years of U.S. history with a minimal approach, tech and biz.

See (and to watch progress.

For now, see for the operational site. What pends discussion will be expanding biz and tech. The former will help manage the non-profit as well as access, etc. The latter is open ended, right now mapping to a WordPress blog.

See for a continuation of a theme that is several years old relating to modern issues of content management. What did GitHub ( look like in 2012? Doesn't matter, as code was not the focus. Content was. I pulled together a mishmash using HTML that kept me working, almost, as in Before long, I was looking for alternatives. Still am, however, I am an old roll-your-own'er. So, it is imperative that I give that a chance in this new world of people making offerings that are more 'trojan horse' than not. Discussion: I have old posts on Google/Blogger that I need to pull forward.

See local file.

Created the GitHub'ing project. Will split the focus, as appropriate, with a couple more projects in store.

Note: 08/13/2019 -- Kudos to GitHub. It's been three days, of dabbling (time constraints). And, the site has me up to speed so that I can already see improvement paths and means to get the necessary changes defined. In short, in 2012, working alone, I made choices after looking a the landscape (Drupal, Joomla, Concrete 5, and Wordpress) and went with html/css/js on a Linux server. The purpose for coming here was that I have been doing both content and configuration. And, content is fairly well established now in terms of categories and structure. We need to step up to furthering the configuration. CLI versus GUI, static versus what one might call ad hoc production, partial or whole cloud, and a lot more are topics that have been there from day one. Nuances come about through changes. All I had to do was be aware of time stamps when reading as it is not always easily discernible when something was written. But, I found stuff from within the past few months. Close enough. The point? This came about by GitHub's impact on the cognitve self through various ways to discuss; all of this is related to necessary discussions on truth engineering (disclosure: came out of the complicated and dynamic environment of Boeing where process improvement required software/hardward advancements while balancing form, fit, funcion of a product in the context of top-down design (mission, program, even industrial design) and bottom-up capability (the slew of engineering, materials, et al).

Note: 08/14/2019 -- Later today, will update the GitHub'ing default with appropriate material and links as we work to integrate GitHub into the process and begin using our improved methods.

Note: 08/16/2019 -- Got GitHub'ing set up with our own format from the PortalToTruth. Will review this for improvement after doing a process review. Notes will be posted at the public page while re-organization goes on.

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