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Aixada helps self-managed consumption cooperatives to organize their flow of products, money, and information.
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Reset the previous cart when a new one is loaded.
Great!! Blamed our slow computes for too long :)
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mobile import spreadsheet reader
php get_param_int: As default allow a string that represents a number
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tpl enhanced stock report with filters
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LICENSE changelog and licence change
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incidents.php print pdf directly
index.php Allow to set on config.php whether to display the shop option.
login.php import foreign key checks
make_canned_responses.php stock_movement_type added; version tbl added
manage_admin.php dbBkup and order folder
manage_import.php Import: Set default import_mode=2 Add new and uptate existing rows.
manage_money.php Merge pull request #117 from jorix/a-bug_jq_money
manage_mysettings.php my settings form validation fix
manage_orderable_products.php deactivate entire product row fix #52
manage_orders.php Allow add products when reviewing an order.
manage_preorders.php ->
manage_providers.php enhanced stock report with filters
manage_stock.php easy change of currency symbol in config / lang files
manage_table.php preorder worx
manage_ufmember.php Fix multiple password reset (issue #110)
report_account.php easy change of currency symbol in config / lang files
report_incidents.php ->
report_sales.php easy change of currency symbol in config / lang files
report_shop_ufs.php easy change of currency symbol in config / lang files
report_stats.php ->
report_stock.php enhanced stock report with filters
report_timelines.php small fixes
report_torn.php ->
shop_and_order.php prevent below 0 stock sales #79
torn.php ->
validate.php Reset the previous cart when a new one is loaded.
visualization.php fixed issue on Alpha sorting units of measure

Aixada is an Open Source platform that helps people to organize an alternative consumption cooperative. It is build for managing the ordering, buying, selling and handling of products between end-consumers and local producers. This software platform has been used first in the Aixada cooperative located in Barcelona where we self-administer over 700 products distributed over roughly 60 local, organic providers among 40 households. The platform combines a normal shopping cart application with a module for ordering products from your providers. Apart from self-administered buying and selling it also helps to manage cooperative members, keep track of product stock, money and consumption patterns.

Check out the wiki for more information and install instructions:

Copyright (C) 2013 by Jörg Müller and Julian Pfeifle. Aixada is licensed under a the GNU General Public License.
Based on previous code by Gilad Buzi.

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