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Aixada is an Open Source platform that helps people to organize an alternative consumption cooperative. It is build for managing the ordering, buying, selling and handling of products between end-consumers and local producers. This software platform has been used first in the Aixada cooperative located in Barcelona where we self-administer over 700 products distributed over roughly 60 local, organic providers among 40 households. The platform combines a normal shopping cart application with a module for ordering products from your providers. Apart from self-administered buying and selling it also helps to manage cooperative members, keep track of product stock, money and consumption patterns.

Check out the wiki for more information and install instructions:

Copyright (C) 2013-2019 by Jörg Müller and Julian Pfeifle. Aixada is licensed under a the GNU General Public License.
Based on previous code by Gilad Buzi.


Aixada helps self-managed consumption cooperatives to organize their flow of products, money, and information.




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