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Aixada is an Open Source platform that helps people to organize an alternative consumption cooperative. It is build for managing the ordering, buying, selling and handling of products between end-consumers and local producers. This software platform has been used first in the Aixada cooperative located in Barcelona where we self-administer over 700 products distributed over roughly 60 local, organic providers among 40 households. The platform combines a normal shopping cart application with a module for ordering products from your providers. Apart from self-administered buying and selling it also helps to manage cooperative members, keep track of product stock, money and consumption patterns.


  • Create/edit providers and their products.
  • Easily manage and configure orders: activate/deactivate products for specific dates, set closing dates.
  • Revise orders and distribute adjusted quantities to shopping carts
  • Easily update/correct stock
  • Generate reports for orders, products out of stock, member accounts, incidents
  • Search and shop for products by typing, product category or provider
  • Validate carts for coop members and their money
  • User can easily keep track of previous purchases and their open/validated orders
  • Print bills for members
  • Integrated messaging system of incidents
  • User and cooperative member management. Keep track of addresses, telephones, and specific roles of members (participation in commissions, responsible for certain providers)
  • Product attributes include to types of tax, order and sell unit, responsible member among others
  • jquery and jqueryui themeroller based interface
  • Import from xls, csv providers and products. Export to cvs, xml products, providers, members.
  • Languages: English, Catalan, Spanish

System requirements (tested with)

  • mySQL 5.1.41 or newer
  • PHP 5.3.2 or newer and PHP-7 (tested up to v7.3)
  • Opera, Firefox > 3.5, Safari, Chromium,


Here are some installation instructions:

How to

Primeros pasos de administración de usuarios y creación de pedidos

Unidades de medida y peso

Breve explicación de Roles y permisos

Tutorial Sóc Responsable de la Caixa (fet per Coope Lo Fato)

Tutorial Sóc Responsable de Producte (fet per Lo Fato)

Tutorial usuari Consumidor (fet per Lo Fato)

Here are some video tutorials (in Catalan).


List of cooperatives using Aixada

List of similar software platforms

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