An example of ORM-JSON best-practice in JavaScript and TypeScript
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An example of best-practice for ORM-JSON translation in TypeScript and JavaScript, free for use, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

If TypeScript/JavaScript objects require data validation, constraints, or other helper methods then a straight translation from JSON to an untyped object is not sufficient. The example code in this project shows how to design an entity super-class with methods to initialize from JSON and create JSON in sub-classes that provide accessor (get/set) and other helper methods.

Details of this code may be found in the blog post

Requires Node 6 or later.

  1. Download the project.

  2. Run npm install to install the required Node packages.

  3. Run npm run build to compile the TypeScript modules.

  4. Use npm start to run the program. Modify any of the code to play with how the ORM-JSON translation works.