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Repository for my Ansible Playbooks:

  1. AddingUserToGroup.yml
  • Add a new user called usertest1 in the group users.
  • Create its home directory.
  1. CopyFileFromLocalToRemote.yml
  • Playbook to copy from source (local) to dest(remote)
  1. DeletingUsersFromGroup.yml
  • Delete the user usertest2.
  • Delete its home directory from the system.
  1. PingForTestingPurposes.yml
  • For test only.
  • It performs a ping on the host defined in /etc/ansible/hosts.
  1. RemovingSpecificUsersFromGroup.yml
  • Remove all users with name that start from user* from the group users.
  • Will also remove all users except those who start with ext*, use "-g wheel" and "grep -v ext*".
  • The playbook has been tested on Centos and Debian.
  1. SNMPConigurationAndPackages.yml
  • Install the SNMP package.
  • Configure the snmpd.conf.
  • Setup logrotate for snmp.
  • Configure the /etc/sysconfig/snmpd file.
  • Add new firewall rules.
  • Reload the firewall.
  • Reload the snmpd service.
  • All files handled by Ansible will have a comment at the top mentioning "This file is managed by Ansible for references".
  • It has been adapter for Centos7 only.
  1. LVMManipulation.yml
  • Create a VG and LV.
  • Format the dist to ext4.
  • Mount the disk on specific directory.
  1. UpdateGLIBCandRestartNamedService.yml
  • update the Glibc packages
  • Restart the named service.
  1. GatherInformationAboutOS.yml
  • Retrieve versions of Kernel, Networker, Shinken, BladeLogic and VMtool.
  • The output will be appended on a file in /tmp/rhelroot.
  1. ReplicateUserDirectoryAndKeys.yml
  • Create account for non-existant users.
  • Add the users to wheel group and setup the permissions.
  • creating the .ssh directory and setup the permission.
  • Configure SELINUX on the .ssh directory.
  • Write key to authorized_key file directly using the bullet proof approach.
  1. ChangePassword.yml
  • change password of a user.
  • Always use the hash of the password in the password field.
  • The goal is to update the /etc/shadow file on the remote machines.
  1. ReconfigureExportPS1BAsh.yml
  • Delete .bash_profile
  • Re Append with ps1 configuration