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Form generators leveraging semantic web standards (RDF(S), OWL, SPARQL , ...


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semantic forms

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Form generators leveraging semantic web standards RDF(S), OWL, SPARQL , JSON-LD , ...

Under GNU Public Licence version 3 GPL v3

This is a building block for web application frameworks, like Play! Framework, Ruby on Rails, Django, Drupal, etc, but not SQL based.

These web application frameworks all provide tools to facilitate the creation of forms connected with database storage, data validation, etc. We want this feature, but we want no SQL, we want SPARQL instead. At the origin of design flow, we want RDF and OWL vocabularies. No SQL or business (domain) objects in Object Oriented language.

More precisely, a form should be made up of RDF properties in the spirit of Fresnel (a Display Vocabulary for RDF).

3 kinds of implementations, each of which can be deployed as web application, or a stand alone application:

Here is the OWL vocabulary for ontolgy aware forms, currently used in the Scala application: vocabulary/forms.owl.ttl


I developed in Scala with Swing semantic Web aware Forms; they are described here: Swing semantic Web aware Forms

I have taken notes from my experience with Scala Swing N3 Forms and other; I added them here:


( in french )

See also a broad review of Frameworks for semantic web applications: Frameworks for semantic web applications including more details on this project goal in the introduction.

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