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A simple docpad solution for generating html slides.
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Docpad slides

A simple docpad solution for generating html slides.

Checkout some example slides here.

Getting it up and running

  1. Install node and npm
  2. Install docpad: npm install -g docpad
  3. Navigate to the root of the project and run npm install to install project dependencies.
  4. In the project folder, start docpad with docpad run
  5. Browse your hosted docpad site (probably http://localhost:9778/)
  6. Thats it! Now, modify some of the pages in the ~/src/documents/pages/ folder.


Now supporting LeapJS swipe gestures. All you have to do is to connect your leap motion, and swipe between pages!


Ripped the design and animations from Codrops, specifically this example.

Pure CSS3 Browser Frames provided by Jack.

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