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A crawler that collects information of all structured notes from Taiwan TDCC website.
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Taiwan Structured Product Information Crawler

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This is a repository that offers a StructuredProductCrawler class to crawl Taiwan TDCC website for the product information.


from tdcc import StructuredProductCrawler
crawler = StructuredProductCrawler()
all_products = crawler.crawl()

crawl() returns a Pandas DataFrame. Data columns include:

Column Name Are
URL the product's partial url
UID product id
NAME product name
CURRENCY product denomination
MATURITY maturity date
UNDERLYING underlying asset type
PRINCIPAL_PROTECTION % of principal protection
PI professional investor
ISSUE_DATE issue date
ISSUER issuer
MASTER_AGENT master agent
DISTRIBUTOR distributor


To install this verson from PyPI, type:

pip install tdcc

To get the newest one from this repo (note that we are in the alpha stage, so there may be frequent updates), type:

pip install git+git://



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